Calling all UAE dwellers: Here’s your chance to be in a Star Trek movie

Star Trek fan? You’re going to love this news. Secret wish to star in a Hollywood movie? You’re going to love this news too. We already know that the Star Trek Beyond will starting filming in Dubai this October, but now we can also reveal that it is hosting an open call casting for extras… Or at least it probably is.

Miranda Davidson Studios (the same company that casted for Furious 7 in secret) has announced a casting call for everyone between the ages of 6 and 70 in Dubai, from now until Thursday (August 14). They are too coy to confirm that this is for Star Trek Beyond extras, but it seems highly likely.

So if you are interested all you have to do is visit Dubai Studio City’s soundstage (Building B) at some point from now until Thursday August 13, between 2pm and 8pm…And hope that the rumours are true and you aren’t auditioning for something strange or awkward.