3 Fils Dubai: A tiny little Asian gem in the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour

Here at The HUNTR, it’s no secret that we are quite partial to good food in good places and few are as good as 3 Fils Dubai. Find out why…

An award-winning contemporary Asian restaurant and a favourite with those in the know, 3 Fils Dubai first opened its doors in November 2016. Since then it has been wowing visitors with its faultless food, impeccable service and relaxed, welcoming vibes.

Inside, the interiors are stark and minimal, think dark colours and concrete with flashes of neon light. You will be drawn to the semi-open kitchen at the back, where you can catch the talented team creating mesmerising dishes and there are a few tables that can seat medium-sized groups, together with smaller 2 seater tables.

Outside, thanks to the Jumeirah Fishing Harbour, it’s a whole other ballgame. The glistening sunlight (or moonlight depending on when you visit) plays on top of the bobbing water, there are boats, it’s light, bright and airy, and in the distance, you can see the fishermen at work. When the weather permits, we wholeheartedly recommend sitting outside – after all, what is better than eating fresh seafood by the water?

The menu features premium Asian dishes with a Japanese twist. There are daily specials, starters, raw seafood dishes, burgers, pasta, lamb creations, steak, noodles, sushi, nigri, maki and desserts.

Proud 3 Fils regulars, The HUNTR has tried most of the dishes on offer at this homegrown gem and have a few choice favourites. The Seaweed Salad (32AED) and Salmon Carpaccio (48AED) will prepare your palette for what’s to come and make the perfect starters whilst you agonise over the rest of the menu. Maki lovers will adore the Dragon (42AED), Volcano (41AED) and Spicy Tuna (52AED) plates, which all encompass 6 maki rolls each. Whilst the Ototo Nigri (75AED) and Wagyu + Caviar (125AED) are cult-status good. The Wagyu Burger (76AED) is easily one of the best in the city and perfectly matched with the ridiculously perfect Triple Cooked Chips (24AED). The Corn Waffles (35AED) topped with Asian barbecue pulled beef, chipotle and avocado taste as good as they look and the Charcoal (32AED) is a secret we don’t want to ruin (but don’t miss it). We are always too full to consider the meatier mains but have no doubt that they are equally as good and the same goes for the desserts.

Drinks-wise, 3 Fils is alcohol-free and serves up a variety of Asian specialty drinks, mocktails, and the usual suspects.

Casual, family-friendly, cool, romantic by night, 3 Fils is the perfect spot for practically any occasion – impressing clients, date night, gang hangs and more.

Insider tips: Open daily from 12noon until 11.30 pm. Free parking available at  Jumeirah Fishing Harbour 1.


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