800 Degrees (of yumminess): The pizza joint you have to try in Dubai

Meet 800 Degrees. The new pizza joint you have to try in Dubai…

American-based pizza company – 800 Degrees – recently arrived in Dubai with a bang, opening at the new Mall of the Emirates extension (the restaurant we visited anonymously for this review), Me’aisem City Centre, Deira City Centre and the Burjuman Centre. Outside of Japan, Dubai is the first international country to have a piece of this tasty American pie. Speaking of which, at 800 Degrees the pizza is made live, fresh to order, which might be common place in fine dining Italian restaurants the world over, but is revolutionary for a mall pizza: Especially in the Middle East.

The pizza journey at 800 Degrees Dubai starts with the all important crust – you can choose from the original Neapolitan, go crispy or opt for gluten-free. Four bases are then on offer to spread over your dough, including the traditional Margherita, the white Bianca, marinara and verde. It’s then all about the toppings, and 800 Degrees Dubai has many: including 14 protein options, 9 cheeses and 20 vegetables. 

A variety of pre-designed pizza pies are on the menu to try if you feel a little overwhelmed with the make-your-own options – including classics like quattro fromaggi and zucca, as well as more unusual combinations, such as BLT – usually reserved for the pizza’s cousin, the humble sub sandwich. 

One of The Huntr’s favourite all time appetisers – creamy burrata cheese – is also on offer at 800 Degrees Dubai, available in four delicious ways. Sold! The burrata is locally sourced too, which is always good news as it means it’s fresher and also technically, healthier. The salad bar is ample, with 6 pre-designed salads to choose from or the opportunity to create your own. We particularly enjoyed the baby kale concoction with dried figs, tangy goats cheese, and crisp pine nuts. 

The food is wholesome and doesn’t feel too gluttonous like some other American pizza establishments. The setting is also noteworthy: Think hipster marble sides and tables, and oversized artworks emblazoned with mottos like “Keep Calm and Eat Gluten-Free”. 

All and all, 800 Degrees is well worth a visit, and is one of the best mall restaurants to hit Dubai of late. So, what are you waiting for?…


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