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W H A T   I S   T H E   H U N T R?

We share the best things to eat, drink, see and do in Dubai and the UAE, online at thehuntr.com and via social platforms @thehuntrcom

We are a small team of passionate foodies, explorers, culture and entertainment enthusiasts. We hunt out the best gems in Dubai and the UAE – from restaurants to hotels, to art house cinemas and special events – and share them with our community.

We only feature the best places and skip the mediocre ones. So you can navigate all our content safe in the knowledge that every single place has #TheHuntr seal of approval. We don’t waste ours or your time with negative reviews.

We also send an exclusive insider email to our subscribers every few weeks. They are the first to hear our news, get invited to any special events/projects (online and offline) and discover what are the best new things in Dubai and the UAE. Sign up here.

T H E   H U N T R   E D I T O R I A L   P O L I C Y 

1. You can not pay to have your cafe, shop, restaurant, bar, concept listed on thehuntr.com or any of our social channels. We do not run or accept paid posts.

2. We are passionate about spotlighting the best places to eat and drink and the best things to see and do in Dubai and the UAE. We especially love to support homegrown businesses.

3. We do accept invitations to dine, stay, experience or visit. However, we do not then feel obliged to paint a pretty picture of a place. We present it as we see it, and if it is bad – we do not run it on thehuntr.com at all. We also always visit a place incognito, either before or after an accepted invitation, to ensure that the standards are consistent.

4. We do not publish negative reviews. We see it as a waste of time for us, the business and the community. We send constructive feedback privately if we have a bad experience and we do not run it on these pages or across our social platforms. This means that you can explore thehuntr.com safe in the knowledge that every place listed has our seal of approval.

5. To be listed, a place has to hit 7 or above (out of 10) in our rating system. We rank the following: Food, Drink, Service, and Atmosphere.

6. We do engage in commercial collaborations with like-minded businesses for special projects. The word “like-minded” is the key here: If we do not believe in the brand – we do not say we do. It’s quite simple. And we are quite particular about The Huntr brand and who we associate with.

7. We regularly revisit the places listed within thehuntr.com all year round to ensure the standards are still high. We also regularly update our features with new images, offers, insider tips and information. If you spot an error or want to report a closure, we would love to hear from you – please contact us at hello@thehuntr.com with the subject link: ‘Error Report/Closure Notice’ and a link to the feature in question.

8. Our door and ears are always open. If you want to reach out to us about absolutely anything, please do. You can drop our founder an email by clicking here.

W H O   I S   T H E   H U N T R?

Holly Williams-Lloyd | Founder + Editor-in-Chief

Jose Balitian | Dubai Contributor + Photographer

Mila Zafirovic Moore | Dubai Arts + Culture Editor

Bei-Bei Yang | UAE Food + Lifestyle + Travel Contributor + Photographer

Shama Nair | UAE Lifestyle, Arts + Culture Contributor

Zeashan Ashraf | #ThePeopleOfTheUAE Photographer and Editor

Saleh Alanbari | Abu Dhabi Contributor + Photographer

To contact the editorial team, please email hello@thehuntr.com


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