Al Shaab Restaurant: A 50-year-old Meena Bazaar Karak gem

If you find yourself aimlessly walking around the Meena Bazaar area, hankering after something sweet and warm to give you an energy kick – you can’t go wrong with a pitstop at Al Shaab Restaurant for a cup of karak.

This tiny hole-in-the-wall gem has been operating for over 50 years. A friendly chap called Firas has been managing the cafe for 15 years. He told us that the Indian owner is now back in his home country and he’s been looking after the operations in his place.

Open from 7:30 am every day (until 10.30 pm at night), Al Shaab offers one of our editor’s favourite karaks in the city at the very reasonable price of 1AED.

There are also an assortment of samosas (2 for 1AED or 12 for 5AED), paratha, pakora and other fried snacks alongside main menus featuring Indian favourites for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Insider tip: The Huntr loves to swing by Al Shaab Restaurant for a takeaway cup of Karak and then go sit by the creek overlooking the water. Divine. 

Photography and reporting by Amir Dakkak exclusively for The Huntr


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