Al Zafaran Bakery Abu Dhabi: A hole-in-the-wall Afghani gem

Al Zafaran Bakery Abu Dhabi is a hole-in-the-wall Afghani gem. Join The Huntr as we take a closer look…

Owned by three Afghani men and located in the centre of Abu Dhabi, Al Zafaran specialises in Afghani bread alongside Manakeesh, which is made to order with a plethora of filling options.

Opened in 2014, the tiny little hole-in-the-wall, homegrown gem attracts customers from different nationalities. One of the owners (pictured) shared that the vast majority are low-income but that there are also some tourists who visit thanks to its handy location near to Qasr Al Hosn. They are proud that the Afghani bread attracts a diverse range of people, and the 1AED price point doesn’t hurt it either…

The Manakeesh are slightly more expensive at 3-4AED depending on your desired filling. The Huntr tried and loved the Zaatar Manakeesh (3AED), which comprises two rather large halves of folded bread filled with perfectly punchy zaatar paste.

Insider tips: Al Zafaran Bakery Abu Dhabi is open daily from 7am until 1am except Fridays, when it opens after prayer. Each of the three partners run the shop alternatively throughout the day. Takeaway only available.

Photography and reporting by Saleh Alanbari exclusively for The Huntr


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