Appetite Cafe Al Quoz: A hidden gem in Alserkal Avenue

Dubai’s hip creative hub Alserkal Avenue in Al Quoz underwent an expansion, unveiling a new and improved cultural destination in the UAE in March 2015. And this little eatery/creative space inside is well worth a visit and needs to be added to your hitlist pronto…

Meet the cute Appetite Cafe Al Quoz tucked away inside the A4 Space at Alserkal Avenue. Appetite Cafe serves a decent cup of coffee (from neighbours and bean experts Raw Coffee) in an Instagram-worthy setting. Think exposed ceilings and a neat little spot to eat breakfast/brunch/lunch with friends, or spend the day working. There’s free WiFi, huge work tables, cosy little reading nooks, and elevated pods to provide some R&R.

The food menu is relatively expansive (including a yummy lineup of wholesome salads) and the seasonal specials change every three months.

Insider tip: The A4 Space regularly hosts interesting and inspiring pop-up events. Keep watch on them here, we particularly recommend the film nights hosted inside the cinema room. 




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