Arabian Tea House Al Fahidi: An authentic Emirati gem

For over two decades Arabian Tea House Al Fahidi has been offering a unique and rare opportunity to experience authentic Emirati and Arabic cuisine and hospitality in one of the UAE’s oldest neighbourhoods.

Situated inside a traditional wind tower house in Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood (which used to be known as ‘Bastikiya’), the Arabian Tea House is picture perfect in more ways than one and to celebrate The Year of Zayed in 2018, the Emirati-owned homegrown gem have plastered the walls of the tea house with 100 fascinating pictures of the Founding Father of the UAE.

The floor is filled with white stones, which makes you feel as if you are on an Arabian adventure or vacation, the tables and chairs are all white and wicker too, adding to the holiday vibes. There’s an open kitchen area where a skilled chef is expertly baking flat breads in the specialist oven, and the staff are friendly and energetic.

The menu features a tempting array of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are huge ‘Breakfast Trays’ for sharing (available until 12:30), including an Egyptian, Local and Arabic option, alongside light breakfast options, appetisers, salads, sandwiches, main courses, a kid’s menu and desserts. Drinks-wise Arabian Tea House is alcohol-free and offers a huge range of speciality teas alongside fresh juices, milkshakes, mocktails, smoothies and coffee.

The Huntr visited for a late-morning weekday breakfast and sampled the vegetarian-friendly Emirati Breakfast Tray (75AED), which comes with Ballet with eggs (vermicelli cooked with Arabic spices topped with egg), cheese, date syrup, green leaves, watermelon jam, Dango, Barjella and Khameer bread plus your choice of tea or coffee. It’s a generous serving of traditional fare and the perfect option for anyone who wants to experience local culinary delicacies. Plus The Arabian Tea House Breakfast Tray (68AED) (also vegetarian), which is comprised of hummus, falafel, beans, olives, grilled halloumi cheese, cheddar cheese wrap and jam served with fresh vegetables and Arabic bread. We also tried the Khameer Halloumi Zaatar (40AED) from the ‘Light Breakfast’ menu – homemade Emirati bread filled with halloumi cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives and zaatar and the Regag Bread with cheese and honey. Everything was fresh, delicious, wholesome and comes in generous portions.

Insider tip: Open daily from 7 am until 10 pm. One breakfast tray is good for 2 sharing. The Arabian Tea House also offer a unique take on afternoon tea.


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