Asma Dubai: Three Emirati sisters present a delicious and elegant ode to their mother

Join The Huntr as we shine the spotlight on the homegrown, Emirati-owned Asma Dubai. Step inside and discover all of the delicious details, now…

This Downtown Dubai gem is the brainchild of three Emirati sisters. The siblings were inspired to create an elegant eatery and name it after their mother; their foodie hero – Asma.

Asma is contemporary, chic, and upscale yet cosy. Think salmon-pink and off-white furnishings, marble and wooden table settings, and pretty pendant chandeliers with homely green plants, books, framed artworks and photography peppering the walls and corners.

The menu at Asma’s features an array of Middle Eastern dishes to share – with a contemporary twist. Everything we tried was outstanding. Delicious, high-quality ingredients all lovingly homemade. The Huntr visited for a weekend lunch. To start our culinary journey, we tried Asma’s Arayess (35AED) a comforting combo of meat, cheese and tomato sauce stuffed inside a pitta bread. And the divine Spiced Potato (25AED) – cubes of potato with a mildly spicy tomato sauce and harissa aioli. From the dips section of the menu, we went with the Beetroot & Labneh (27AED) – a smooth and creamy labneh with sweet chunks of beetroot, the Chicken Liver (31AED) – sauteed tender chicken liver with sweet and sour pomegranate molasses and tahini (our favourite) and the Hummus (18AED). They were perfectly matched with the freshly baked homemade bread – Al Quds Bread (12AED) and Tandoor Lafa (8AED).

On to the mains and we selected the Chicken Freekah (57AED) – a stunning dish featuring tender, juicy, grilled chicken seasoned with sumac and served with freekah and a charcoaled mushroom sauce. And the Beef Skewer (57AED) – tender marinated beef with tahini and a pickled onion salad.

Despite the fact that The Huntr’s experience at Asma’s was pretty ‘meat-heavy’ there are ample vegetarian options. Including falafel, crispy corn, and fried halloumi in the starters section and salads and vegetable-based dishes in the ‘Go Green’ section. Plus there are three fish and seafood (octopus, sea bream and prawns) options.

To end one of the best meals we’ve had this year (so far) on a sweet note, we ordered the Saffron Kunafa (30AED) and the Malahabiya Milk Pudding (25AED) – both desserts were creamy with just the right amount of sweetness and worth every calorie.

Drinks-wise, Asma’s is alcohol-free and serves a variety of coffees, teas, mocktails and other soft drinks. The Huntr sampled two refreshing mocktails – Summer (31AED), which is made with a strawberry mojito, lime and mulled mint and Holiday (31AED) – thyme, pineapple juice and non-alcoholic sparkling wine. Plus a cappuccino (20AED), which wasn’t the best we’ve ever had but also wasn’t terrible.

Insider tip: Asma Dubai is currently open from 10 am for coffee only. The kitchen opens at 11:45 am for food. The best parking is P5, Cinema Parking at The Dubai Mall.


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