Bagel Yard Dubai: Hand-rolled, wood-fired bagels and speciality coffee in Al Safa

Meet Bagel Yard Dubai. A homegrown Al Safa gem serving hand-rolled, wood-fired bagels and speciality coffee. Join your friends at The Huntr as we present a closer look…

Designed by H2R Design (who also behind the aesthetics of Tom & Serg, Parker’s, Two at Symphony and many other UAE gems), Bagel Yard is a cosy, family-friendly spot encompassing exposed white brick, wooden tables, potted plants, an open and inviting kitchen (with all of the live bagel-making action) and a pegboard wall complete with bagels. Open for breakfast, lunch, and everything in between (and after), the free wifi and complimentary infused water make this a wonderful spot to get work done or study, too.

Bagel Yard serves (you guessed it) – bagels. But not just any bagel. These bagels are hand-rolled, simmered in honey water and then wood-fired, in-house, daily.

The concept was founded by two Arab expats who saw a gap in the market for “the humble bagel”. Because despite Dubai’s diverse culinary scene, they noticed that no-one was really concentrating on crafting beautiful, high-quality bagels and that most of the bagels in circulation are sourced frozen or “more like buns with a hole in the middle, than a proper bagel.” So they decided to offer just that. One of the founders spent time training at the iconic St Viateur Bagel in Montreal, Canada at the hands of two of their veteran bakers. From here they set to work on finalising their bagel concept, devising a menu that bridges warm, nostalgic flavours and ingredients with modern creativity.

There are 6 different bagels to choose from at present (the two most popular are ‘All Dressed’ and the ‘Sesame’), and you can opt to take them home in the following bundles: one (6AED), half a dozen (36AED), and a baker’s dozen (72AED).

The food menu is divided between ‘Bagels and Spread Tubs’ (simple bagels to-go and a select of take-home 7oz or 3.5oz spreads), ‘Spread It’ (Bagel Sandwiches or Open-Faced toasted bagels served with your choice of spread including house-made nut butters), ‘So Simple’ (again, open-faced or sandwich servings featuring simple concoctions), ‘All About Egg’ (egg-based filled bagels served sandwich-style), ‘Deli-Licious’ (hearty filled bagel sandwiches) and ‘A Bit More Special’ (main dishes which feature a toasted bagel on the side). There are also three dessert bagel options – Nutella, Vanilla Cream Cheese and Lotus Spread.

The drinks menu features an assortment of speciality coffees (hot and cold), organic teas, hot chocolate, and cold soft drinks.

The Huntr visited Bagel Yard for a late Saturday breakfast. We opted for the Scottish Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese (38AED) served as a bagel sandwich (with a sesame bagel). The dish comes with dill, capers and a wedge of lemon and is faultless. Plus the Lemon Avocado Smash & Fried Egg (32AED) bagel sandwich (with a plain bagel) – a splendid breakfast or brunch option that’s wholesome, filling and flavourful. Last, but not least, the Shakshuka (34AED), which we opted to have ‘Khaliji-Style’ and features a small portion of shakshuka that’s delicious and homely and perfectly complemented with a toasted, plain bagel and a side of feta cheese cubes (4AED).

The coffee comes courtesy of Fernwood Coffee Company, an award-winning speciality coffee roaster in Canada. We tried and loved the Flat White (19AED) and the V60 Pour Over (25AED), plus a freshly-squeezed OJ (19AED).

Insider tips: Open daily from 8am until 10pm. Sign up to get the Bagel Yard loyalty stamp card here.


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