BBQ Box Dubai: An amazing new BBQ delivery service that takes the stress out of cooking

Meat (pun intended) BBQ Box Dubai. An amazing new UAE venture that we wish we had thought of. We expect great things are coming for BBQ Box, and that the city’s foodies are going to lap this up…

Picture this. You’re with your pals. It’s the weekend. You’ve had a lovely day, you really fancy firing up the BBQ but you haven’t been to the supermarket. Damn you think. You’d love to knock together some tasty burgers right now. And then you remember that the clever folk at BBQ box will deliver everything you need, for quite a reasonable price – and that you can order via WhatsApp or online and have it delivered wherever you may be. Boom. The BBQ game just changed folks…

Still in soft launch phase, BBQ Box Dubai will soon be able to deliver their awesome BBQ bundles within 4 hours throughout the city. The Huntr sampled the burger delivery box for 6, which comes complete with 6 juicy free-range, 100% grass-fed organic beef patties (which are sourced from family-owned farms and ground daily), 6 soft potato buns which are baked here in Dubai, 6-month aged cheddar cheese slices, lettuce, thick tomato slices, pickles, jalapenos, crispy Spanish onions, and four large squeezey-bottle sauces – messy sauce, ketchup, mayo and a spicy sauce. Everything you need is delivered in an awesome cool box, with wet napkins. The prices are 195AED for 6, 295AED for 12 and 395AED for 18.

BBQ Box Dubai

So how were the burgers? Truly awesome. The buns are legit (think @FindSalt standard), and the whole cooking process was so easy and fun thanks to all of the trimmings provided, which are ready to use. No prep necessary.

A little birdy tells us there are plans to add a full range of 100% organic BBQ meat, including steak, ribs, and poultry soon too.

Insider tip: Why not plan a little desert or camping BBQ get-together and have BBQ Box deliver everything you need for the most amazing burgers with friends the morning before you set off? If you return your cool box, you’ll receive a discount off of your next order.


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