Birch Bakery Al Quoz: A speciality homegrown bakery sourcing the finest quality wheat

Birch Bakery Al Quoz is a homegrown specialty bakery located in Al Quoz 3 join your friends at The Huntr as we present a closer look…

Formerly a (Huntr-coveted) fully-fledged cafe concept in The Greens, thanks to that pesky beast Covid-19 the founder of Birch has now pivoted and is operating her business out of a cashless, curbside pick-up bakery in Al Quoz.

You can call ahead to order for pickup or use commission-free platform ChatFood for deliveries. Alternatively, if you’re in no rush you can also place an advance order on the Birch website for future delivery.

The Huntr loves the 3-ingredient country loaf (stoneground hard red spring wheat, water, salt) and the croissants are almost too perfect to eat (just ask the folks at Mirzam Chocolate). Plus they sell pre-made sourdough pizza bases, which also work well as a hearty-sandwich casing or tasty warmed up for your dinner table and served with olive oil and balsamic. We are yet to try it but there is also a small selection of takeaway dishes that are perfect for breakfast or lunch.

The folks at Birch source their hard spring wheat from small family farms in Skagit Valley in Washington. The wheat is grown using sustainable farming methods, without bee-killing insecticides or harvest-aid chemicals. And all of the baked goods from the sourdough bread to the cookies, are made with a non-commodity wheat variety: Yecoro Roja.

Plant-based eaters will be pleased to learn that the breads are vegan-friendly and there’s is also a sweet vegan muffin. Take a look at the full menu here.

Insider tips: Card-only payments at present. For same-day pickups, call the folks at Birch and tell them you are outside. Open weekdays 7 am until 4 pm and weekends (Friday and Saturday) 7 am until 3 pm. Ask about the daily specials. 


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