Bombay Bungalow Dubai: Some of the best Indian food in the city with gorgeous beach views

Formerly known as ‘House of Curry’, this gorgeous Indian restaurant at The Beach in Dubai’s JBR is a must-visit. Find out why with The Huntr now…

Fans of the original House of Curry, we were intrigued to learn that the JBR foodie gem was undergoing a brand makeover. Why change a good thing we thought? Well, according to the folks at the all-new Bombay Bungalow the new direction is “crafted to reflect the changing nature of Indian food”. Fair enough. So what’s changed? And is it still as good? Read on…

The new menu has been created by international chef consultant Hari Nayak and features a lighter array of dishes, which are more focused on the social experience of eating – i.e. Sharing plates and that are very Instagram-friendly.

The Huntr visited for a weekend lunch. We started with the interactive raita tray experience and suggest you do the same. A server brings a plethora of garnishes to add to your fresh yoghurt concoction and serves this up with roasted popadom cones. Delish and unique. We also ordered the ‘Corn & Sprouted Mung Chaat’, an Indian salad with a twist of Peruvian flavour thanks to the corn. It’s a stunning dish and highly recommended. Another greater starter is the ‘Roti Roll Prawns’, crispy fried prawn tempura but with a chilli tomato chutney.

Moving on to the kebab and tikka offerings, we sampled the ‘Hariyali Fish Tikka’, which comes complete with passion fruit chutney – we loved the contrast between the sweetness of the chutney and the spicy fish tikka. We also tried the ‘Pesto Seekh Kebab’ – imagine a kebab roll with pesto and a side salad, so tasty!

For mains, we had to order the intriguing ‘Butter Chicken with Burrata’ and wow. Italian Indian heaven. And absolutely stunning when paired with the ‘Paratha with Twist’ (paratha with zataar, loads of cheese and some classics). Do not miss this dish. Absolutely superb. We also opted for the ‘BBQ Grilled Lamb Chop’, which is an Indian take on the Korean BBQ dish. We weren’t overwhelmed with this one actually, but then again we do prefer plain lamb chops so don’t take our word for it if you like the sound of a more intense flavour.

To end an incredible meal on a sweet note, we sampled some stunning desserts. And don’t think for a second that Bombay Bungalow is using the old school presentation for their sweet offerings. These handcrafted creations are served on huge pink plates, presented with flowers and are impossible not to snap. We opted for the ‘Coconut Rasmali’ with salted caramel inside, which was delectable. And the chocolate mousse, which isn’t on the menu. Drinks wise we loved the ‘Champagne of the East’ – a chilled iced tea shaken with roasted fennel and ‘Weight of Gold’ – chilled coconut water muddled with Indian spices and topped with soda water. The latter, especially, is highly recommended.
All and all this is a culinary adventure not to be missed, and Bombay Bungalow needs to be added to your Huntr hitlist, stat

Insider tip: This is the perfect pre or post cinema meal and Roxy Cinemas JBR is just a few short steps away.  


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