BonApp UAE: Reducing food waste and offering discounted dishes daily

Founded by three Scandinavian foodies, the Dubai-based BonApp is shaking up the industry and offers a unique way to both reduce food wastage and access delicious dishes at reduced prices. How? BonApp have partnered with many cafes and restaurants throughout the city and offer a platform to sell surplus food at reduced prices. Inspired by the UAE Food Bank launched in 2017 and the Dubai government’s #ZeroFoodWaste campaign, the folks at BonApp have created a mobile application through which customers can buy surplus food directly from restaurants with % discounts and rescue this perfectly edible food from ending up in the waste bin.

The app is very new and could definitely do with a few improvements – but it is slick and relatively easy to use once you understand the concept. The restaurants listed inside the app are BonApp partners and they will post deals (usually the best deals come in the afternoon) on their dedicated profiles for certain dishes, detailing the discounted price and the terms (eg. Collect before 21:00). There’s also a phone number, Google Maps location and details of the deal (dine in and/or dine out). If there’s nothing detailed on the restaurant or cafe’s profile, it means there are currently no deals.

We absolutely love any incentive that supports the reduction of food waste and gets people eating well at reduced prices. The team at BonApp did tell The Huntr that they are working on improvements to the app, and it is available to download for free here, now.


  • BonApp offers an innovative solution to tackle food waste in the F&B industry. The goal is simple: to place the lost value back onto food as something that should be eaten and not thrown away. Our vision is to lead the way to a more sustainable society
  • With BonApp, you can save delicious unsold food from your favourite restaurants and cafes in Dubai and enjoy up to 60% in discount. 
  • BonApp is not just short for bon appétit, but also translates from French to a “good app”. Good deals for foodies, a great solution for restaurants and an even greater impact on the environment
  • BonApp currently has over 70+ partners, including: Appetite the Shop, 1life Kitchen & Café, Circle Café, The Raw Place, Comptoir 102, Wild & The Moon, and more
  • It is estimated that as much as USD 4b worth of food is thrown away every year in the UAE
  • 32% of food in restaurants is wasted every year in the UAE
  • The high waste numbers are mainly due to complexity of anticipating customer demand as well as strict UAE food safety laws
  • Cutting food waste by just 15% would have the same impact on CO2 emissions as taking 150,000 cars of the road 


Insider tip: Most of the best deals appear from 4pm onwards. If there is nothing there, there are no deals at that specific moment. 



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