Boutique Kitchen Dubai: Delivering cheat day worthy American cuisine to your doorstep

This is diner food – but not as you know it. Think fresh ingredients, like the finest quality cheeses – given a naughty twist, and melted between toasted artisanal bread. Not your average grilled cheese.

The Boutique Kitchen is situated in Dubai’s Al Quoz area, providing delivery and takeout orders to those craving something a little rich, with quality produce. It’s not all heart-stopping cheat day eats either, Boutique Kitchen also knocks together some pretty fresh and healthy salads including the standout quinoa salad that features 2011’s trendiest grain with grilled vegetables, sautéed mushrooms, and fresh tomatoes on a bed of mixed greens with a light citrus dressing.

The previously alluded to Boutique Kitchen Dubai’s grilled cheese should definitely make it on to your order list, as should any one of the burgers and the sweet potato fries. The mac and cheese is a no-brainer (note: not the mac and cheese balls, which pale in comparison.) Our only gripe with this place is that the ‘seasoned french fries’ are a little too seasoned for our liking, if the chef could cut back on the pepper a little, these would easily make it onto our list too or maybe even offer an unseasoned option? Otherwise…Cracking stuff.

Insider tip: The Boutique Kitchen recently partnered up with Café Rider, marking the first physical location to dine-in and enjoy Boutique Kitchen Dubai’s food outside of its Dubai food delivery service.


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