CAFU UAE App: Disrupting the way the region refuels its cars

Say hello to the region’s first fuel-booking application and goodbye to all of those wasted hours in the petrol station queue…

When The Huntr first learned of the CAFU UAE app we were excited. And then annoyed that we didn’t think of it first. It is genius. The process is simple: You download the app, you register your credit card and your car’s details and then whenever you need fuel, you book a one-hour timeslot according to your preference and make sure your fuel cap is unlocked (the app uses a map to pinpoint exactly where your car is located). The lovely CAFU guys then come along and fill you up with your chosen fuel. You can have your car filled whilst you sleep, workout, take a meeting, dance into the sunset… Whatever floats your boat.

The prices are the same as they are at the pump and then you can either pay 18AED per delivery or get the CAFU+ plan for 45AED, which gives you an unlimited amount of deliveries every month.

Download the CAFU UAE app here

Insider tip: The CAFU UAE app is currently only available in Dubai. Further locations and expansion coming soon.



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