Cereal Killer Cafe Dubai Mall: Nostalgia served in the most Instagram-perfect way

Some people really love breakfast cereals. And some people really love a kitschy concept. And, we imagine if you fall into both of these categories, you are basically screaming inside because: Cereal Killer Cafe is your dream spot.

Situated on the ground floor of The Dubai Mall, Cereal Killer Cafe Dubai looks just like its UK counterparts – there are kid’s beds with retro duvet covers, bright primary colours and children’s furniture pieces covered in nostalgic stickers. However, the 24-meter high, DPA Architects-designed waterfall complete with diving statues that flanks the background means that its hard to forget you are sitting inside Dubai’s iconic mall. And we can’t deny that it does ruin the atmosphere a little – our childhood bedrooms didn’t overlook Shake Shack – as much as we would have loved that…

Food wise, cereal is obviously the order of the day here – and you will never see such a huge variety of breakfast cereals in one place. After picking your bowl size, you can choose your cereal (there are over 120), add toppings such as Maltesers, peanut butter chips and fresh fruits, and choose your milk (plant-based milks are also on offer). Or if it’s all too much for you, decision wise, you can narrow it down and choose from one of the 18 cereal cocktails on the menu. Toast, pop tarts, stacked hot chocolates, coffee, tea and maltshakes are also on the menu.

So is it worth the hype? Yes – if you love breakfast cereals you will love the Cereal Killer Cafe. Little kids and big kids will love this joint, and we predict those tills will be ringing in the AED on the daily.

Cereal Killer Cafe Dubai


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