Chongqing Noodle House Dubai: No-frills, 15AED plates that are a 9 out of 10!

Imagine the perfect bowl of warm egg noodles, thoughtfully, and depending on your preference – abundantly – spiced, with the perfect amount of flavour in each bite. After some digging, The Huntr team has found the perfect spot for this craving. And the best part is: you can get it for as low as 10AED a bowl… Say nǐ hǎo to Chongqing Noodle House Dubai.

The atmosphere in Chongqing Noodle House is pretty laid back – this is a no-frills, no-gimmicks joint with a comfortable, homey feel to it. There’s a refrigerator for drinks, a stand with Chinese newspapers, and plenty of neat wooden tables for customers. When The Huntr visited, a crowd had gathered for a post-work dinner, chomping and slurping away. And we loved seeing the owner’s son playing with Legos in front of the kitchen, before being served a mini-bowl of noodles for his dinner at around 8pm. You know it’s a quality meal when a mother feeds it to her 4-year-old. Right?

Chongqing is as authentic as they come. There are just nine main courses to choose from, ranging from 10AED to 38AED in price. Each main course comes in a small or medium size, so you can order according to your appetite (which we love, because wasting food is the worst). Also, you can choose between three levels of spice. We opted for the spicy vegetable noodles (10AED) and spicy fried beef noodles (15AED), as well as the chicken wontons (15AED). For drinks, we just went with good old water. You can also choose from soft drinks, Barbican, soy milk, and Red Bull to accompany your meal.

The first bite of our Chongqing creations (both the vegetable and beef) left us floored. The noodles are made fresh, in-house daily* and the beef and vegetables are cooked and spiced to perfection. There was spice at the bottom of the bowl that we had to mix upwards in order to flavour the noodles, which worked wonderfully in allowing us to control the intensity of the flavour. The wontons had the most delightful consistency inside out (that is, the meat as well as the dough). However, be warned – the spice levels here are not for the fainthearted, so if you are sensitive, definitely go with the mild or medium options and let the owner know so she can guide you accordingly.

When we were finishing up our meal and taking care of the bill, the owner asked us how everything was with genuine curiosity, and took note of our comment regarding the spiciness. It was definitely a huge plus knowing that our feedback was being taken into account by the owner of the place herself, and that the quality of the food meant a lot to her. That’s why we’re glad the noodles can be customized to be MSG free – just ask when ordering.

The trek out to International City is worth it – The Huntr team was left fulfilled not only by the scrumptious food, but also by our adventure in a new Dubai neighbourhood and we departed Chongqing Noodle House with a smile on our face and safe in the knowledge we would return. Which just so happened to be a mere 12 hours later… 

Insider tips: We repeat: If you are sensitive to spice – make sure the kitchen knows. Chongqing only accept cash. However, one patron didn’t know this rule and had to run out to draw money from a nearby ATM and The Huntr team asked the owner of the noodle house if she was worried, she simply said, “No problem. I trust him.” Free parking is abundant around the corner from Chongqing too.

*or at least our exchange with the owner led us to understand this is the case. 


– Review and photography by Saman Nargund exclusively for The Huntr


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