Cocoville Dubai: A chocoholic’s heaven

Love chocolate and all things sweet? Then you are going to absolutely adore Cocoville Dubai…

Let us start by saying that we are so grateful that Emirati founder Ayesha Al Hashimi decided to quit her day job in a bank and open Cocoville Dubai. Because we can’t imagine ever being without this magical chocolate dreamland now. The Emirati founder trained with some of the world’s best chocolatiers before opening the doors to her luxury chocolatier in 2013 – and Cocoville actually started life in a smaller, takeout-only shop, before recently expanding into this beautiful villa in Jumeirah 1 – offering its loyal clientele the option for sit down delicacies for the first time, including savoury menu items.

This cosy little cafe specialises in handmade chocolates, which are crafted with love in the on-site, high-tech chocolate kitchen. And the menu at Cocoville is bursting with – you guessed it: Chocolate. Choose from handcrafted truffles (caramel sea salt is the winner), chocolate sticks, chocolate in a jar, brownies (which are out of this world), chocolate slabs, bites and the famous Cocoville hot chocolate (which really is quite possibly the best in the UAE). The coffee and tea offerings here are also pretty aces (the flat white is perfection). The savoury dishes on offer include classic breakfast favourites like eggs Benedict, granola, pastries and pancakes. And there’s also an afternoon tea package with all of the trimmings, salads, an Arabic menu and a kids menu.

Walking into Cocoville is like stepping inside your favourite Pinterest decor board. It’s virtually impossible to not pick up your phone and start snapping all of the pretty corners. Everything is so chic and the cute ‘melting’ chocolate drips present on the facade of the villa and on elements inside, add a sense of fun to this Jumeirah gem. We also loved that there are buzzers on each table, with buttons to request the ‘waiter’ and the ‘bill’. Such a cool touch – and anything that helps you get that chocolate faster is a bonus. Trust us.

The Huntr tried the scrambled eggs on toast and the egg muffins with sausage, spinach and cheese and can vouch for both. But it was the desserts (yes we had dessert at breakfast – don’t judge) that really blew us away. We opted for the ‘Cocopod’ and the ‘Chocolate Dallah’. Both of which are as impressive spectacle-wise, as they are taste-wise. Don’t miss them.

Insider tip: Cocoville is also a great place to hit for gifts. This chocolatier offers a range of celebratory favours, from baby-themed brownies to engagement edibles. A box of Cocoville truffles for the hostess will also ensure you are invited back for dinner again and again. 

Psstt! Cocoville Dubai is now at The Dubai Mall too. Find out more here.


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