Culture Cafe Abu Dhabi: A celebration of great coffee and Emirati culture in the UAE capital

The brainchild of Emirati nationals Hassan Habib Al Sayegh and Hamad Abu Shousha, Culture Cafe Abu Dhabi is well worth a visit next time you find yourself in the Al Mina neighbourhood. Join your friends at The Huntr as we share why…

Located at the impressive newly-opened Abu Dhabi Youth Hub, Culture Cafe is a homegrown concept that celebrates Emirati culture with a key focus on the importance of coffee in Emirati society – “connecting the past, present, and future through culture and coffee.” Opened in late October 2019, the Culture Cafe logo draws its inspiration from the Arabic font that was featured on the cover of an Ittihad newspaper published in 1971 sharing the iconic story of the inauguration of the UAE union. The founders used this approach to “reflect our Arabic roots but also its a reflection of the culture that the brand aims to provide.”

The space is vast and minimal, with exposed industrial ceilings and a muted colour palette of grey, which is playfully broken up with pops of red and flashes of greenery. There are ample seating options for small and large groups and the free wifi (and great coffee) make this a great spot to study or get work done.

Food and drink wise, Culture Cafe currently offer a range of ‘grab and go’ bites and has plans to introduce a full breakfast soon. Nonetheless, the focus here is on the third wave coffee, which is currently sourced from Dubai-based Gold Box, Abu Dhabi-based Volta and soon, Auro Coffee. The usual speciality coffee favourites are available – including hot and cold milk-based coffees, intriguing signature brews and black pour overs. The Huntr has visited Culture Cafe on three occasions and sampled an extensive chunk of the menu – our top three favourite coffees are the v60 (27AED), the Flat White (19AED) and the Rahash Latte (29AED). Alongside the coffee, there is also a range of milkshakes, smoothies and fresh juices available. Food-wise, The Huntr recommends trying the brioche with custard, the brownie and the chocolate cake.

Insider tips: Culture Cafe Abu Dhabi is open Saturday through Thursday from 9am until 9:30pm and Fridays 2pm until 9:30pm. The busiest period is 5-7pm. It’s nice and quiet during the day on weekdays from 9-5pm. Limited free parking is available on site.

Photography and reporting by Saleh Alanbari exclusively for The Huntr


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