Daikan Dubai: A tiny little ramen joint in JLT

Hailing from Germany, Daikan Dubai is a tiny little ramen joint in JLT. Join The Huntr as we take a closer look…

This JLT ramen gem is open daily from 11,30am until 11.30pm. Cosy and casual, The Huntr loved the open kitchen and the relaxing, after-dark lighting on our weeknight dinner visit.

We started with the Gyoza (24AED) – handmade pan-fried chicken and cabbage dumplings, which come complete with soy sauce, vinegar and chilli. Don’t miss them. The ramen is good – it’s flavourful and thick. Although our editor found it to be ever-so-slightly too salty and would request it to be less so on his return. We tried the Chef’s Special (65AED) – spicy miso base with a hearty mix of chicken chasu, minced chicken, veal bacon, ajitima egg, kimchi, scallion, shallots and menma. Plus the Spicy Miso (55AED) – a spicy miso base with minced chicken, ajitima egg, scallion, shallots and bok choy. Both were mildly spicy rather than blow-your-head-off-spicy.

Drinks-wise, Daikan is alcohol-free and offers a limited menu of soft drinks and iced teas and lemonades. There are also two desserts – Nutella Gyoza and Matcha Creme Brulee. Both are on our hitlist for next time…

Insider tips: Daikan’s menu features 6 different ramen dishes, 5 of which are made with chicken broth. There is one vegetarian ramen broth option and a couple of vegetarian starters. 


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