Local secret: The Al Quoz butcher that sells some of the best meat in Dubai

Meet Prime Gourmet, a great Dubai butcher. This Al Quoz based butcher shop sells some of the best meat in Dubai…

We all know that supermarket meat isn’t exactly the best in terms of quality, and that we should be eating organic, hormone-free meat for better health. But that can be tough even in the likes of London where butchers and gourmet stores can be found on every corner, let alone here in the UAE: In the middle of the desert.

Sadly, worldwide, butchers are a dying breed thanks to the supermarket empire… Which is why it’s super important to support them if you can, and to purchase local meat where possible. It’s a no-brainer really. So we are recommending Prime Gourmet as one of the local butchers to support in Dubai…

Prime Gourmet offers a selection of local and international meat. The Huntr is particularly fond of its lamb shoulder, which makes the best Sunday roast, slow-roasted in the oven for four hours, and is the finest quality lamb. Our only gripe? We wish that Prime Gourmet was an ‘olde-world’ space, with an old school vibe. We also wish the ‘deli’ part was true. This is more like the butchers inside a supermarket interiors-wise, and it has a rather odd, sterile cafe attached to it. But hey ho, it’s a place we return to when the occasion calls to source some of the UAE’s best meat – and you should too…

Insider tip: Prime Gourmet offer a delivery service for a minimum order of AED 200. You can also shop online. Ask for the monthly specials. 


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