Dumye dolls: The perfect gift with an amazing cause

Meet Dumye dolls. The super cute handmade dolls with an amazing cause…

For every doll sold, the kind folks at Dumye dolls donate a doll to an orphan or vulnerable child. So a Dumye doll is an amazing gift to give anyone with heart, children big and small.

“For every doll you purchase we gift a doll to an orphan or vulnerable child in need and allow them to make it their own through an art workshop. This process of doll creation gives the children an opportunity to reflect upon themselves, process what they have been through and control at least one piece of their world. So not only do does a special child in your life receive a meaningful gift to laugh with, play with, dream with but an underprivileged child does as well.”

Plus this is a UAE business, and you know how The Huntr loves to support local.

Dumye provides a range of doll customising options on its website, which offers online shopping. Create a doll in your child’s image, and don’t for a second think that these are just for kids: Any creative worth their salt would love to be gifted a Dumye doll.

Find out more via the video below and visit the official Dumye dolls website here.


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