Emirates Bio Farm: A certified organic farm in the heart of the desert

If you thought that the UAE was all about city living and really tall buildings, may we present something completely off the beaten track: a farm, and one in the middle of the Al Shuwain desert in Al Ain, no less.

The Emirates Bio Farm (EBF) sprawls over a whopping 250,000 sq km and offers fresh, organic, seasonal produce through the year. In fact, farming techniques have been specially tailored to the climate of the region to ensure that there is a consistent supply.

Guided by the principles of environmental protection and conscious living, the folks at EBF seek to educate consumers on how its food travels from the field to the table. But don’t just take our word for it; you can see it for yourself. From October to April, the farm opens its doors to the public. You can go on a tractor tour, view the greenhouses, participate in the harvest and learn all about organic and sustainable cultivation. What’s more, if you want a taste of this goodness from home, you can even order their organic veggies and fruits online.

Insider tips: While there is a fee for the farm tour, you can just choose to hang out at the Visitor Centre, sipping on freshly pressed juices or organic coffee. The farm restaurant serves a special field to plate menu. Make sure you follow EBF on Instagram @emiratesbiofarm for regular updates on special events and more. 

Photography by Shama Nair and words by Shailaja Prashanth exclusively for The Huntr


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