Friend’s Avenue Motor City: Speciality coffee and easy dishes in a charming setting

Friend’s Avenue Motor City is a great homegrown spot to visit for an excellent cup of speciality coffee or a hearty casual meal. The menu features a variety of cheat-day-worthy and healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, choose between classic favourites like scrambled eggs on toast and regional-inspired unique options such as ‘The Local Breakfast’. For lunch or dinner there are a variety of dishes including healthy salads, sandwiches and heartier main courses, including fish, meat, burgers and pasta dishes.

Drinks-wise, there are plenty of speciality coffees and drinks, organic teas, cold brews, smoothies and boosters.

The Huntr visited on a weekday morning to get some work done and eat breakfast. We sampled the Avocado on Toast (41.90AED), which is comprised of heirloom cherry tomato salsa, tahini yoghurt, guacamole, feta, roasted good seeds, basil, two poached eggs, sourdough, lemon, chia seeds, pickled onion and paprika. The dish was good, but two key things could have been improved – 1. The amount of avocado used (this is, after all, ‘Avocado on Toast’) and 2. The bread. Billed as sourdough, the toast tasted like supermarket wholemeal bread, it was layered in two slices on top of each other (so four slices total, and only two had a thin layer of the avocado guacamole), and these were completely void of butter. Making for a pretty dry tasting toast. If the kitchen could be a bit more generous with the avocado and improve its ‘sourdough’ offering, this dish could compete alongside some of the greatest breakfasts on offer in the city.

We also ordered a Flat White (17.9AED), which was totally perfect.

Atmosphere-wise, Friend’s Avenue Motor City is a charming spot. Think pretty lighting, a central bar area for the expert baristas and a wooden, white and concrete scheme. There’s free wifi on offer and it’s the perfect spot to catch up with friends, have a business breakfast or lunch or (like we did) – to get some work done quietly in the corner.

Insider tip: Nutritionally mindful parents might not appreciate the kid’s menu, which is pretty standard and lacking in ‘well-rounded’ options (for example: The grilled cheese sandwich, which is comprised of blood sugar-spiking white bread and additive-filled burger cheese). Ask for a smaller portion of one of the main options and give the guys at Friend’s Avenue a nudge to shake it up a bit. 


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