Garrett Gold Dubai: It’s popcorn, but not as you know it!

There’s popcorn, and then there’s gourmet popcorn. And then there’s Garrett gourmet popcorn and then – then there’s Garrett Gold Dubai! The creme de la creme of popcorn. Take a closer look with The Huntr, here…

Chicago popcorn maestros – Garrett– recently debuted their swanky, high-end popcorn concept at The Dubai Mall: Garrett Gold Dubai. And it’s sweet tooth’s (and popcorn addict’s) dream…

As you might expect, this isn’t your run of the mill sweet or savoury popcorn. No. Garrett Gold serves up a variety of unique creations using the humble popped corn, including, but not limited to: Karak flavoured popcorn, popcorn pretzel sticks, popcorn bars (cakes topped with popcorn) and speciality coffees using the homegrown caffeine connoisseurs Raw Coffee‘s beans.

This is the ideal spot to visit if you are a popcorn fanatic, or if you find yourself craving something sweet (and unusual) at the world’s biggest mall. They also make a wonderful gift or centrepiece for a special gathering.

Garrett Gold Dubai



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