Green Bar Inc: A Bahrain-based online shop full of lovely treats

Reem Al Khalifa wants you to treat your body like a temple, so much so, she has created a wonderful assortment of goodies to help you achieve just that with her Bahrain-based concept Green Bar Inc. From organic luxurious skincare products, to exotic botanical oils and saffron lip balm, it’s all here, and it’s lovely.

Green Bar specialise in homemade essential oils, and aside from dropping these inside your bath, or mixing with a natural oil for skin moisturising – one of the nicest ways to use these is with one of the Green Bar Dilmun Pots, which is an electrically powered diffuser masquerading as a piece of ancient Dilmun pottery. You simply mix 10 drops of your favourite oil with water, plug it in and enjoy the benefits of a wonderfully smelling office or home. Green Bar also make incense pots that are a brilliantly cute take on the traditional Arabic incense burners, and come with a little sachet of ‘Clearing Incense’ and an evil eye charm.

The store is located Riyadat Mall, Bahrain, and all of the products are also available to buy online, with region-wide shipping.

Insider tip: Any of the Green Bar pieces will make the most lovely gift, and since they are all made in Bahrain using local produce where possible they are nice pieces to give out of towners and visitors. Yalla, get shopping here


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