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All aboard: Explore Emirati culture & local history with Heritage Express

Owned by a member of the local Alserkal family, Heritage Express is a part of the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Centre for Cultural Understanding. A totally unique and authentic experience, a beautiful ‘moving majlis’ bus complete with a knowledgeable Emirati tour guide and expert driver will take you on an adventure like no other…

Choose from a variety of experiences, from Culture on Wheels, to the Emirati Hospitality Experience, all available at reasonable prices and to book online. The bus boards at the history-filled Al Fahidi Neighbourhood, where you can explore how Dubai used to be from the mid nineteenth century until the 1970s. 

The bus itself is beautifully charming, and the simple wooden benches are decorated with pretty white, embroidered cushions, that give it that ‘moving majlis’ feel. There are also baby/kid’s seats available for those that need them. 

The HUNTR booked in for The Emirati Hospitality Package, which was priced at 230AED for ages 13+ (115AED for 6-12 and free for under 6). It included a trip around Dubai in the bus, led by our fantastic Emirati guide and storyteller, Hamad. A visit to the iconic Jumeirah Mosque majlis. A traditional brunch experience and then a Q&A session at the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Centre for Cultural Understanding Heritage House (where our tour began).

We visited in early June, and despite the soaring temperatures, we were able to enjoy pleasant morning walks along the way. Although it is worth noting, that the most desirable time to do this would be during Dubai’s perfect winter months.

A great experience for all ages, despite having lived here for almost 15 years, we came away learning something new, and with a renewed sense of love and appreciation for this country, the Emirati people, and the importance of community. We would recommend it to everyone. 

Insider tips: Wear respectful, light and comfortable clothing and footwear. Why not tour the beautiful surrounding afterwards – we suggest a meal at the Arabian Tea House or Al Ustad and if you love coffee, a visit to The Coffee Museum.

To find out more about Heritage Express, and to book, visit the official website here



Membership includes: