Hoof Sharjah: Speciality coffee and wonderful tributes to equestrian pursuits

Tucked away inside the Muwaileh neighbourhood in Sharjah, a cafe started by three friends brings a new concept. Meet Hoof Sharjah…

The bolthole coffee shop and cafe Hoof (named after the foot of the horse) Sharjah is inspired by the world of equestrian pursuits, and as such there are horse saddles, and other little anecdotes to the equine family all around. As soon as you enter this homegrown gem, the pretty hanging lights shaped like horseshoes will catch your eye. All of the horse paraphernalia doesn’t, however, overshadow that this spot is a particularly good speciality coffee shop, Hoof is a destination for horse-riding lovers, and coffee lovers alike.

Order the Spanish Latte (26AED), for a bitter sweet taste of coffee, and make sure you don’t miss the Sticky Date Cake (29AED) – which when paired with coffee makes for a wonderfully delicious (and decadent) combination.

As you enjoy your coffee and dessert, you will also enjoy the atmosphere, both of the local community, and the equestrian decorated interiors. Look around the place to discover what might spark your own passion for a new hobby. Perhaps after this ride in an equestrian themed cafe, you’ll find yourself riding a horse…


– Photography and review by Abdulaziz Almulla exclusively for The Huntr


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