Hyu Korean Restaurant: A no-frills JLT gem serving authentic Korean fare

Hyu Korean Restaurant is a no-frills, homegrown JLT gem serving authentic Korean fare. Join your friends at The Huntr as we take a closer look…

Sleek and casual, with minimal vibes, Hyu Korean Restaurant is extremely popular with Dubai’s Korean expats and foodies who love authentic Korean cuisine.

Most days you will find Hyu’s owner – Annie – at the door to greet you, and she will go to great lengths to ensure that you leave a happy customer itching to return.

The menu at Hyu features an array of appetizers including Kimbab – Korean-style sushi, savoury pan-fried pancakes, fish, chicken and tofu creations. Plus a mind-boggling amount of soups, alongside meat and seafood main courses, rice, noodles, and a (limited) dessert menu. Drinks-wise, this homegrown JLT restaurant is alcohol-free and serves up soft drinks alongside Korean infusions.

The Huntr started our culinary journey with two different starters (which come with complimentary sides of kimchi, cucumber, radish and bean curd). The Kimchi Jeon (45AED), which comprises a slightly spicy pan-fried kimchi pancake, the Dakgangjeong (50AED) – bite-sized boneless crispy chicken thigh glazed with sweet and spicy sauce. From the rice section of the menu, we opted for the Vegetable Bibimbab (50aAED) – mixed steamed rice topped with fresh (or steamed) lettuce, cucumber, carrot, beansprout and zucchini with Gochujang (a spicy Korean chilli sauce), and topped with a pan-fried egg and noodle-wise, we selected the Japche (55AED) – stir-fried glass noodles with carrots, paprika, onion, mushroom, and egg plus the outstanding Jjamppong (65AED) spicy noodle soup with seafood. The star of the show and the main event was the Korean BBQ speciality – Yangnyum Galbi (95AED) – delicious, marinated beef short rib BBQ served with fresh lettuce, fresh garlic and chilly and Ssamjang (a Korean soybean paste). We washed everything down with good old fashioned h20 and a delightful Korean Barley Tea (20aED).

Insider tips: Open daily for lunch between 11am and 3:30pm and dinner from 6pm until 10:30pm. 


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