Kaffe Bloom Dubai: A homegrown speciality coffee shop hidden inside an Asian grocery store

Say hello to Kaffe Bloom Dubai. A homegrown speciality coffee shop gem, hidden inside an Asian grocery store…

Tucked away inside 1004 Gourmet (the homegrown Asian speciality supermarket in The Greens) Kaffe Bloom is named after the magical ‘dance’ that happens between the water, fire and coffee when you brew coffee using slow-drip methods, called ‘the blooming stage’. This Greens cafe gem sources its coffee beans from the iconic Barn Roastery in Germany. As its moniker suggests, the focus here is on drip coffee, but there are also a variety of other signature speciality coffee drinks available. The Huntr sampled a perfect Cortado (19 AED) and we couldn’t resist sampling the iced Vietnamese Coffee (25 AED) and the iced Matcha Latte (22 AED). Both were wonderful. There is also a selection of teas and soft drinks available.

The food offering at Kaffe Bloom is limited but special. Chocolate brownies from Mirzam, pastries, Japanese cheesecake and the Bingsoo/Kakigori shaved ice desserts will please the sweet tooths. Meanwhile, a hot savoury lunch menu is being launched in the coming weeks (The Huntr sampled a delightful tuna cheese melt toastie) and there are a variety of fresh seafood spring rolls available plus some reasonably-priced takeaway sushi from 1004 Gourmet next door.

Kaffe Bloom is the ideal spot to work or study thanks to the peaceful vibes and the handy plug sockets dotted all around and the reasonably priced food and drinks.

Insider tip: Head to the first floor of the Oynx Tower 1 and then go up to the first floor and follow the signs for 1004 Gourmet. 


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