Karak Gholam Dubai: A karak and Indian street food gem from Kuwait

Born in the heart of Kuwait City in 2013, Karak Gholam is the brainchild of the Al-Mejhem brothers, who were inspired to create a concept and name it after their office “tea boy” Mr Gholam.

Building on the centuries old relationship between India and the Arabian Peninsula, Karak Gholam Dubai is bright and airy, featuring cosy corners and various seating options for small and large groups. We loved the little nostalgic trinkets and fun props.

The drinks speciality at Karak Gholam is (as you may have guessed) the region’s beloved Karak drink (called “kadak chai” or “masala chai” in Hindi) – which is brewed fresh here every 45 minutes, guaranteeing high quality and flavour. Alongside the iconic Karak, the drinks menu features Horlicks, various standard coffees, and black tea. The food menu offers a tempting array of Indian street food favourites including Chapati Sandwiches, Hamsa, Sambosa and sweet treats.

The Huntr sampled the Cheese & Mushroom Omelette Chapati (16AED), the 3 Assorted Sambosa (11AED) and the Gulab Jamun Cake (20AED) – a classic dessert popular in South Asia comprised of spongy balls soaked in rose scented syrup. Everything was delicious, fresh and well executed. The Karak (14AED) was also wonderful.

Insider tips: Open daily from 8am until midnight. Free wifi available. Takeaway cups are very sweetly decorated with your name in Hindi. There are two other Karak Gholam branches in the UAE at present – one in Sharjah and one in Umm Al Quwain. 

Photography and reporting by Bei-Bei Yang exclusively for The Huntr


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