Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot Dubai: A quintessential hotpot experience

Mushrooms and bok choy. Oodles of inseparable noodles. Thin-cut lamb and beef. Deliciously juicy fish balls.

All of these ingredients sound appetizing enough as is, but imagine mixing them together in a spicy soup broth and cooking them up on a warm stove. Say hello to Little Lamb Mongolian Hot Pot Dubai for a quintessential hotpot experience…

The Huntr visited Little Lamb on a Friday afternoon for lunch, we hit up the JBR branch, however, there are two other restaurants – one in Deira, and the other in Al Rigga. The dimly-lit restaurant already had a few patrons who were happily immersing ingredients (ranging from veal tongue to shrimp balls) into their respective steaming broths, giving us a hint of the process to come… A refrigerator close to the entrance invites diners to pick and choose their own drinks, and Chinese text, small dragons and other paraphernalia decorate the walls. Towards the back wall of the restaurant, there’s also a small buffet. We opted to be seated at a booth–  as these were fixed with electric stoves for hotpot.

The menu is jam-packed with tempting dishes – and be warned: To order from it, you may need to stand up on the table and scream and wave to get these waiters’ attention.

Thankfully, the ordering process for hotpot is simple – the staff recommend certain broths and ingredients, and the diners select their preferences. We went for a chilli-infused broth (there are also non-spicy options) and chose vegetable noodles, mushrooms, fish balls, thin-cut lamb and beef, bok choy, and coriander (for a total of 242.5 AED for 5 people). For drinks, we selected the canned Chinese ginger tea (7 AED) from the refrigerator – it was mildly sweet, and the perfect antidote to the spice of the hotpot. 10 minutes passed after placing our order and voila: The stove was turned on, the broth and ingredients arrived, and the process had begun…

We thoroughly enjoyed both the taste of the food and the fun, interactive cooking experience Little Lamb offers. We only wish the staff were a little more attentive. It would have been so nice to be given tips and tricks during the process: For instance, when the ideal time to start cooking the ingredients is.

Insider tip: Not all ingredients have the same cooking time. For instance, the lamb and beef are thinly cut, so they can be thrown into the hotpot towards the end. Also, the noodles are quite long, so request a knife if you’d like to separate them. Be prepared for some slow service.


– Review and photography by Saman Nargund exclusively for The Huntr


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