A plea for food delivery aggregators to reduce their fees from thehuntr.com

There is a reason you won’t find much content on food delivery aggregators on thehuntr.com. It’s because whilst they are certainly innovative and successful business models that have distrupted the industry and have had some positive effects, they also take up to 35% in commission from the restaurants and cafes (on average it is around 20-30%). This has never sat well with us at The Huntr because it means that many small, homegrown restaurants are priced out because they can’t make the maths work – or, they are basically just breaking even or losing money by partnering with them. The other reason is because by nature they arguably move people out of restaurants and cafes – something that obviously works in their favour right now with the devasting effects Covid-19 is having throughout the world and the calls to #StayAtHome.

“Food delivery apps and aggregators take an average of 20-35% commission on every sale from the cafe or restaurant plus delivery fees. Many small homegrown concepts simply can not afford to give away this chunk of earnings and it’s not a sustainable model for anyone bearing in mind the current situation with Covid-19 and mandatory closures for cafes and restaurants throughout the country (and world).”

Whilst we respect and understand the need for companies to make money and to have a business model that allows for explosive growth, in times like these we need to put money and growth aside and look at the bigger, more important picture. The swift action of these food delivery aggregators to increase hygiene and Covid-19 defence protocols is admirable, however, we abhor the fact that they continue to collect 20-35% from businesses that are struggling to stay afloat during this crisis. It is simply not a workable model for these homegrown concepts to be handing over that much from the sales and it will be a struggle even for the big chains now in light of Covid-19 and the recent mandatory temporary closures of cafes and restaurants throughout the country led by the UAE government (which we wholeheartedly support).

This is why we are sharing this plea to food delivery aggretator companies: Please reevaluate your fees and commissions if only temporarily and join the hundreds and thousands of people and businesses everywhere that are making sacrifices and leading with compassion during these uncertain and unprecedented times. By reducing the amount you take from each transaction during this challenging time you have the power to keep a cafe or a restaurant running – which means people’s livelihoods, jobs and all of our favourite nostalgic places will be saved… Ready to be enjoyed once this all passes. And pass it will, eventually.

Unfortunately there isn’t much we can do aside from share this information and plea with you and encourage everyone who agrees with it to order direct from cafes and restaurants where possibleso that they get 100% of the sale they deserve and so desperately need right now. In light of this we are currently compiling a curated guide to the best cafes and restaurants in Dubai and the UAE that are offering direct delivery services and this will be live on thehuntr.com shortly.

If you agree with this message, please reach out to your preferred food delivery aggregator and urge them to reduce their fees, share it with a friend or post it on social media. After all – many people have no idea how much a restaurant or cafe has to sacrifice to use these services and right now there is a fine line between a cafe and restaurant riding the storm and having to close for good – and with that, many lost jobs and broken hearts follow.

Stay safe, stay at home where possible and please reach out to us if we can help you with anything.

Your forever friend,