A futuristic look at the past: Step inside the Etihad Museum with The Huntr

Take a look inside the newly opened Etihad Museum with The Huntr and discover why this cultural hotspot is a must-visit for tourists and residents alike…

The impressive looking Etihad Museum was designed by Canadian Architect firm Moriyama and Teshima. Filled with a plethora of curves and slopes, the space was directly inspired by the Arabian desert.

The new cultural jewel in the UAE’s crown offers visitors a chance to discover how this country was created, using the most modern technology and cutting-edge tools. Guests are invited to interact with the various exhibitions on display, using touchscreen to discover – for example – the family trees of the prominent leaders of the UAE.

etihad museum

etihad museum

A specialist room hosts a regularly changing exhibit (currently vintage mail stamps) and the museum also houses a cafe, library, pavilion, courtyard and auditorium.

The Huntr recommends bringing your visitors here to proudly showcase the history of the UAE and enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee in the museum cafe. Kids will love it too. The entrance fee is 25AED for adults, for more information visit the official website here and take a look inside our exclusive picture gallery below…

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