Magaret Dabbs Dubai: The place to go for serious manicures + pedicures

Margaret Dabbs Dubai doesn’t take nail care lightly okay. This isn’t your sweatshop style budget nail salon. No. This is a fancy pants nail salon, with proper medical treatments, from expert staff and even the option to hook up to an oxygen machine whilst they buff your talons. Once Margaret Dabbs told us: “Watch how 99% of technicians buff your feet during a pedicure – they do it all wrong, they buff the hard skin outwards, which makes it 10x worse.” Ever since that day we’ve had a hard time doing our pedicure anywhere else…

Ideally situated inside the world’s largest shoe store at The Dubai Mall – Level Shoe District – Margaret Dabbs is the celebrity foot expert behind the salon and its own namesake products, which are available to buy on the likes of Net-a-Porter. Visit this salon for the best pedicure you’ve ever had in your life and watch with amazement as you opt to skip the polish because your nails look that good naked. Another noteworthy feature of the salon is that it is unisex, so you can do his and her nail treatments before indulging in a spot of shoe shopping.

Inside tip: Booking essential. A treatment here would make an excellent gift for your wife/girlfriend/mother/best friend/husband/boyfriend/brother/sister and you can purchase gift vouchers at the salon Margaret Dabbs nail salon Dubai Mall.


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