Medaf Studio: A creative hub with children in mind (and a fab Japanese bakery)

Medaf is Arabic for “rower of the boat” – a spirit that Medaf Studio hopes to embody with its tools that empower children of all ages, helping them to grow, learn, develop and explore their creativity…

In terms of activities, Medaf Studio is split between three concepts – the Creative Studio, which is a ‘walk-in’ facility and offers drawing, sculpture, collage, clay-making, bookbinding and more. The Expression Room, where no rules exist and visitors are invited to express themselves on the walls, and floors – without being told off if there are any paint splashes or mess. And the Medaf Workshops, which are specially created to either enhance current skills or introduce a completely new one.

Medaf Studio also happens to be the home of one of The Huntr’s favourite Japanese bakeries – Yamanote – offering visitors a cracking cup of speciality coffee or a little bite to eat. This Yamanote location was a design collaboration with Georgina Trigg of Georges of Dubai and it’s as pretty as a picture. Read The Huntr’s full review and find out more here.

Insider tip: Check the Medaf Studio website for the current workshop programme and special event details.


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