Mighty Quinn’s Dubai: An authentic slow-smoked barbecue experience in JBR

Meat lovers will be happy to learn that an authentic slow-smoked barbecue experience has landed in the UAE all the way from New York… Say hello to Mighty Quinn’s Dubai…

Situated in Jumeirah Beach Residence, just a stone’s throw from JBR and its fancy new ‘The Beach’ complex, Mighty Quinn’s is a meaty new addition to the JBR/Dubai Marina dining scene. This industrial-style restaurant is pretty famous in its original home in New York and one of the best slow-smoked barbecue experiences state-side. So, naturally The Huntr was were keen to check it out…. Will the Dubai eatery live up to its older sister? Read on to find out.

The first thing that strikes you about Mighty Quinn’s is the smell. Specifically the smell of wood burning. It instantly transports you to a BBQ with loved ones or a cosy winter night in front of the fire. But word of warning: If you sit inside, prepare to have said smoke filter into your clothes and hair. The staff here are fantastic. It’s all smiles, hellos and helpful faces. So far, so great. There’s an expansive outdoor seating area for folk to enjoy during Dubai’s cooler months – and the perfect escape if you want to avoid the charcoal-smelling hair and clothes (we kind of liked it!)

Inside, the interiors are very New York, which is obviously what you would expect from a concept hailing from the Big Apple. It’s all industrial style decor, with butcher-esque counter tops and lots and lots of wood – the thing that makes the magic.

So why is wood so essential here? The sign on the wall proudly describes it better than we ever could – “In the world of barbecue, the smoke ring is one of the most sought after properties of smoked meats. It shows that you have properly slow smoked the meat in question. It is particularly prized in smoked brisket.

The smoke ring is a pink discoloration of meat just under the surface crust (called bark). It can be just a thin line of pink or rather a thick layer. The smoke ring is caused by nitric acid building up in the surface of the meat, absorbed from the surface. This nitric acid is formed when nitrogen dioxide from wood combustion in smoke mixes with the natural water in the meat. Basically, it is a chemical reaction between the smoke and the meat and a prized element in all types and variations of traditional barbecue.”

Excited for the pink discoloration? So were we…

The Huntr visited for a weekend lunch. From the naturally raised meats section of the menu, we went for brisket (single portion 56AED), burnt ends (single portion 56AED) and lamb shoulder (single portion 56AED). Each and every one was tasty, but the lamb shoulder was especially good and is not to be missed. We also couldn’t resist sampling the chicken wings (6 pieces at 28AED), and we weren’t disappointed: Succulent and saucy – just how we like them. Another chicken dish we sampled was the BBQ chicken sandwich (39AED), which is basically a burger and quite nice – but something was missing, we think it was probably cheese and some extra sauce. In terms of sides we went for the mac and cheese (medium size 39AED) and we loved it. The freshly cut fries (20AED) were also superb, but the onion rings (22AED) weren’t for us. They were too floury and pale, but perhaps it was just a bad onion ring day? We’ll try them again soon! We were far too full to sample anything else, but we are definitely hooked and will be returning to Mighty Quinn’s next time a meat craving hits us…

Insider tip: Mighty Quinn’s is also open for breakfast – pass by from 9am to sample a unique New York meaty take on the most important meal of the day!


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