MINA Brasserie DIFC: A foodie oasis in DIFC’s concrete jungle

Situated a stone’s throw away from one of Dubai’s best fine dining restaurants – La Petite Maison – you will find a new contender for that crown: MINA Brasserie DIFC. Join The Huntr as we present our full review…

Surrounded by plants and natural light, MINA Brasserie is a gorgeous spot. The restaurant features an expansive terrace with a bar, and for the hotter months – a gorgeously-designed interior with a plush blue colour palette and glamorous finishings throughout.

The Huntr visited for a Friday lunch and opted for the MINA Brasserie tasting menu. First came complimentary bread sticks coated with herbs and spices and a greek yoghurt and honey dipping sauce. Delicious. With whetted appetites it was time to sample some starters – Michael Mina’s Tuna Tartare (pine nuts, garlic, mint, sesame-hebanaro oil, quail egg yolk) is served with toasted bread. It’s deconstructed and mixed live in front of you and absolutely delicious. A must try. Next came the Market Salad (mixed greens, pomegranate, pickled pumpkin, almond and manchego). It’s simple and light, but we felt a little more citrus in the dressing would have made it perfect.

Both of the main courses blew us away. We had the Norwegian Salmon, which was moist, perfectly cooked and we loved the texture of cauliflower and citrus served beneath it. The perfect match. The other dish we sampled was the Smoked Beef Short Ribs served with squash puree, cherry tomato confit, baked potato and grilled mushroom. It was super tender (which is what you would expect, as it’s actually cooked for 24 hours!) and totally divine.

Lastly both desserts we sampled also come highly recommended – The Klondike (marinated mango, raspberry sorbet, sesame anglaise) was stunning – sweet meringue and fruity, sour flavours bursting through. And the Banana Tarte Tatin (citrus caramel and honey ice cream) was a dream – caramelized bananas and ice cream are absolutely the perfect combination.

Drinks-wise we tried two fruit blend mocktails and both were tasty and refreshing. Lady in Red (apple juice, lime, coconut syrup, fresh raspberry, fresh passion fruit) and the Thai Tea (black tea mix, cinnamon syrup, coco cream, basil).

The service was prompt and accommodating, the staff were knowledgable about the food and happy to help us and all and all this is a pretty little DIFC gem that needs to be added to your hitlist, stat.



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