Miss Lily’s Dubai: A buzzy licensed Jamaican eatery with nightlife vibes

Chances are you’ve heard of Miss Lily’s Dubai – the buzzy Jamaican eatery and nightlife spot where the cool crowd gather. Find out why The Huntr rates it, and read our full review, now…

Located inside the Sheraton Grand hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road, this New York-born Jamaican hotspot has been pulling in the crowds since it first opened in 2016. Why? Because it’s cooler than cool. One step inside and you’ve transported to Jamaica. Think brightly coloured walls and ceilings, Jamaican-inspired paraphernalia and a whole heap of attitude. Petite and cosy, Miss Lily’s is definitely the place to be…

The Huntr visited to try the newly launched ‘Rundown Tuesday’. ‘Rundown’ essentially means ‘the happenings’ or ‘what’s going on’. So what is going on at Miss Lily’s every Tuesday night? Well, for 180AED per person you can dive into an 8-course tasting tour of some of the kitchen’s newest dishes as well as the best-sellers. The idea is, it gives you a rundown of you can expect at Miss Lily’s and makes you want to return. So did it deliver?* Read on to find out…

To start, we received the Jerk Chicken Salad. The meat was tender, tasty and charred and came with barbequed pineapple, mango, tomato and avocado. The mix of sweetness, tanginess and the chargrilled taste of the BBQ was totally appetizing. Next came the Callaloo Phalourie, which are essentially vegetarian ball fritters that come with this super tasty curry sauce. These were swiftly followed by the Ackee Salt Fish Dumplings, a traditional Jamaican dish, which is comprised of sauteed saltfish, with boiled ackee, onions, thyme, Scotch Bonnet peppers (which are optional), tomatoes, red bell peppers (again, optional), garlic, black pepper and pimento. As you can probably gather as you read that: It was a taste sensation. So many flavours. So much yum. Next, we tried the Guava and Scotch Bonnet Glazed Lamb Ribs, which come with a green apple and guava slaw and scotch bonnet mayo. The meat was tender and the flavours were sweet, savoury and sour – a perfect combo. Banana Chip-crusted Seabass with Calypso Sauce and Plantain Scotch Bonnet Mash followed. The moist fish worked perfectly with the crispy banana chips and we thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful.

A lemon mint sorbet served in a small shot glass graced our table to cleanse our palettes and it was on to the main course. Enter the Callaloo Stuffed Chicken Wings, which come with steamed callaloo and green papaya. This dish was a highlight for us. The tender, marinated chicken was mouth-watering and we’ve decided: stuffing chicken with punchy veggies is a really good idea. Callaloo is a popular Caribbean dish, which originated in West Africa and is served in different variants across the Caribbean. The main ingredient is a leaf vegetable, traditionally either amaranth, taro or Xanthosoma. The second main course we got to sample was the Jerk Lamb Chops, which come served with Jamaican steamed cabbage. Another delicious experience.

Last, but by no means least, came the dessert. A tropical mango flavoured cheesecake. It was simple and classic and the bomb.

Drinks-wise, Miss Lily’s is licensed and serves a wide variety of drinks from cocktails to mocktails, beers, wines and spirits. We sampled (and loved) Lily’s Punch and the Rum Gwan.

The team look the part, are very friendly and accommodating, casual in vibe and make you feel at home. For Rundown Tuesdays, DJ Scottie B (who hails from London but has Carribean heritage) provides the soundtrack – which will get you out of your seat and dancing with the other happy-go-lucky folk in next to no time.

Insider tip: Booking recommended. Miss Lily’s is pretty popular. Dress to impress. There’s also a Friday brunch deal.

*Naturally you know it delivered, we don’t waste our time or yours with bad reviews. We only post the good stuff.


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