Moombai & Co Dubai: Auntie’s Brunch

There’s a new joint in town and it transports you back in time. Moombai & Co Dubai is shaking up the UAE dining scene with its quirky aesthetic; while serving the city with honest-to-goodness, home-style Parsi cuisine and earthy street food from Mumbai. Fusing the olden times of Mumbai with the vibrancy of Dubai, Moombai & Co features traditional Irani-Parsi cuisine with a modern twist. Read on for The Huntr’s full review…

While you were at the beach enjoying Dubai’s cosy weather, The Huntr visited Moombai & Co’s exciting brunch offering, Auntie’s Brunch (345 AED).

Upon entering, we immediately fell in love with the colourful walls and old Bollywood movie posters peppering the corners of Moombai & Co. Genuine smiles and warm greetings from the restaurant’s staff made us feel more comfortable, cosy, and at home. The restaurant was also booming with good ol’ Indian music, which made us tap our toes and set the upbeat vibes for the afternoon ahead.

As the name suggests, this brunch makes you feel like your visiting your cool Aunt’s house. And unlike the usual brunch buffet set-up, Moombai & Co serves you food fresh out of the kitchen, giving you a casual fine dining experience. The staff were accommodating and knowledgeable – happily answering all of our questions about the food being served, and generally, really fun to chat with.

Soon after settling and embracing the ambience, we were served the Naashta-Breakfast. It’s always good to start with the most important meal of the day and what better way to do it than with various egg and pancake recipes? There are 6 options to choose from, but don’t miss out on trying the Anda Paratha with Kheema (Indian flatbread with egg, crispy potato, and minced meat) and Just too Healthy (muesli, yoghurt, and fruits topped with honey). We were eager to mingle with the spirit of brunch, so we called for the shots, but were served the signature chai tea with vodka and Malibu called Auntie’s Chai Martini — their version of the famous espresso martini… but better.

We took it easy and waited for Moombai & Co’s staple meals — curries! There were plenty to choose from, but we made sure to grab and enjoy the not-too-spicy (but very tasty) Butter Chicken and Auntie’s signature Black Dal. We let the music entertain us, and sipped on gorgeous chilled mojitos.

Then there were desserts.

Leaving the table without trying Moombai & Co’s Kulfi Platter and Caramel Custard is basically a crime. The Kulfi Platter (kulfi ice-cream served with seasonal fruits) is a runner-up when it comes to being the best part of the brunch after Auntie’s Chai Martini, as its creamy goodness can take you back to your childhood days when eating ice-cream was the best feeling in the world. The custard caramel looked glorious but – for us – it was just too sweet.

Moombai & Co’s Aunties Brunch is definitely worth a try. If you love experiencing culture through food, give it a go and you will enjoy eating tasty and delectable traditional Parsi cuisine while sipping on the equally interesting Chai Martini, among many other drinks. The brunch menu said: “My Aunties are the people I look to talk to when I feel like I can’t speak to my parents…” And Moombai & Co. might just give you that feeling — a go-to place, when everywhere else seems boring and unwelcoming.

Insider tip: Moombai & Co offer a special treat for those celebrating their birthday. Visit the official website for details. Moombai & Co is currently the only place in the UAE where you can pick up a Kingfisher! There’s a daily happy hour from 11pm until 1am.


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