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August 13-28: The More than Human exhibit is coming to Alserkal Avenue

Alserkal Avenue is hosting an array of intriguing summer events for the next three weekends from August 13 to 28.

More than Human is the name of the unique program, which aims to ask “How are human lives entangled with the lives of other-than-human beings?” with its curated schedule filled with workshops, panel discussions, live performances, films, and exhibitions…

In a post-pandemic world, this unique multi-venue exhibition “contributes to the ongoing debate around the multispecies and more-than-human realms.”

August 13-14, Under-Ground

The program’s first edition will focus on things that lie beneath the surface – literally and figuratively. The program will include a conversation with entrepreneur Yazen Al Kodmani, a farm manager at Emirates Bio Farm who manages methods of large-scale organic farming. There will be another conversation with Dima Al Srouri, a city strategist and a creative thought leader, and with Lara Hussein and Ceylan Uren, co-founders of The Waste Lab, a start-up working to reduce food waste in the UAE.

Our favourite homegrown film gem, Cinema Akil, will be showing Panoptic, a film directed by Rana Eid. The film explores Lebanon’s bitter history and it’s difficult transition into the modern-day world. Lastly, for theatre lovers, there will be a local multimedia performance titled Amulets of Palm by Maitha AlSuwaidi and playwright theatre artist Reem Almenhali.

August 20-21, Ground

Ground weekend will explore how we use materials from the earth in our everyday lives. The program will include a screening of The Outside In, a film by Iranian filmmaker Iram Ghufran that explores the story of two women who use everyday materials to make dolls. 

Joint Space will conduct a movement and live sound-mixing workshop that will take participants on an inward explorative journey and connect them with the earth.

Cinema Akil will be screening Fata Morgana, a documentary by Werner Herzog that takes a surreal look at the Sahara Desert in 1971.

Beyond Ground, August 27-28

The Beyond Ground program will explore things from a more metaphysical point of view – something the average eye may not be able to see.

The program will include a performance at Sima Performing Arts titled Generative Human, inspired by NFT art. Arts writer and photographer Sinha will lead the concert.

Kave will be hosting a Coffee Cup Reading Workshop people can enjoy cosmological readings from coffee and more.

Plus, Crank is hosting a realism and fiction-writing workshop titled Fantastical Body, where participants will dive into how the human body can exist in other spaces and worlds.


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