Mr Miyagi Dubai: Media City’s new Asian streetfood and bar hotspot

Mr Miyagi Dubai. Chances are you’ve heard of it. Because in this city a place can achieve more buzz than a bumblebee before it’s even opened its doors. This is such a place. But does it live up to the hype? Read on to find out with The Huntr’s full review…

Located within the Media One Hotel in Dubai’s bustling Media City, Mr Miyagi’s offers Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Filipino, Indonesian and Chinese cuisine – streetfood style. Which makes for a pretty expansive menu. The Huntr visited for a lunch and we instantly fell in love with the vibes and interiors. You are transported to a vibrant city in South East Asia and humorous neon signs such as ‘No cat or dog served here’ and ‘I am all that and dim sim’  beam from the upside-down umbrella-laden ceilings. Cherry Trees flank the tables, which are set up in a casual style, with colourful chairs scattered all around. And all and all it’s a very “snappable” spot.

Food-wise, we sampled: the Bento Szechuan Shrimp, which is part of a lunch deal offer (75AED, Sunday-Thursday 12-4pm) and consists of Szechuan shrimp, Japanese rice, nigiri sea bass, vegetable dim sum, pickled papaya carrot and miso soup. We also ordered the Vietnamese Tuna Summer Roll (39AED for 2 pieces). They were tasty, but a little over-priced for just 2 pieces, give us 3 Mr Miyagi! One of our favourite dishes was the Chicken Lemongrass Skewers (45AED for 3 pieces), lemongrass is cleverly used as the skewer and this is an order we highly recommend you make. Another option that was delicious but we felt maybe a little overpriced considering the serving was quite small, was the Pho Spicy Beef (55AED). It’s an authentic Vietnamese pho dish with huge slices of beef and a comforting broth. We just wish we had more #greedyhuntr. Next, we tried the Mr Miyagi Nigri (45AED for 6 pieces) – tasty marinated tuna nestled on a bed of fried sushi rice with crushed edamame. At 99AED the Tap Si Log was the most expensive dish we sampled, but it was absolutely divine. This Filipino treasure features citrus and soy cured strip loin with fried rice, egg, spices and chilli vinegar. Yum. For our happy ending (Mr Miyagi’s words, not ours!) we decided to try the Chilli Chocolate Fondant with Coconut Ice Cream (49AED). This spicy lava cake was the bee’s knees and something we will be craving for days to come.

Drinks-wise, if you have a thing for drinks served in quirky vessels – this is your place. Since we visited during a weekday lunchtime we decided that a mocktail was the order of the day. However, we couldn’t resist a sip or two of one of Mr Miyagi’s “naughtier” beverages (the Bacardi coconut number pictured).

So back to the question: Does it live up to the hype? Absolutely. But we advise viewing Mr Miyagi’s as a licensed casual dining spot and not a gourmet restaurant – although the food is great, and we totally enjoyed our lunchtime visit: We can’t wait to return for a proper night out with Mr Miyagi soon.

Insider tip: There’s a daily happy hour between 4-8pm. A Thursday night brunch, Friday daytime brunch and a Friday night brunch. A ladies night on Tuesdays. And a ladies and gentleman’s night on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Stay up to date with the most recent offers and events on the official website, here.


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