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Museum of The Future: An architectural wonder offering a glimpse at all that is possible for the world

The Museum of the Future (MOTF) is carved with beautiful Arabic calligraphy that says “The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn’t something you await, but rather create.” – a quote by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, Vice President and Ruler of Dubai. It is apt in more ways than one, and record-breaking, since the MOTF is the only building in the world completely covered in Arabic calligraphy (there are two other, poignant HH quotes in the design)…

This architectural marvel was built to create the future. To offer the ideas, theories, products, and technologies of tomorrow a home. Spread over seven floors, the MOTF is now open to the public and will encompass a ever-changing array of exhibitions and activities. There’s even a whole floor dedicated to children.

77 metres in height, MOTF features 7 floors and no internal pillars. The top floor is the events hall, next there is a private hall, the 5th floor is home to OSS Hope right now – offering the dramatic experience of leaving earth and landing on Mars. The 4th floor is home to the HEAL institute, an Earth revival future technologies project. There’s Al Waha meditation centre on the 3rd floor, and ‘Tomorrow Today’ on the second floor features futuristic exhibitions plus the awe-inspiring viewing deck. The 1st floor is the kid-friendly ‘Future Heroes’ zone offering an interactive play area for kids aged 10 and under, and on the lobby level there’s a cafe and shop – plus flying jellyfish and dolphin robots, which keep folks queuing entertained. 

No two visits will ever be the same and it’s a must-see for all architectural, futuristic enthusiasts. Take a look at The HUNTR’s visit during opening week…

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