Neighbors Cafe Dubai: Superb speciality coffee and gourmet toasts in Al Safa

Speciality coffee and gourmet toast. That’s the order of the day at Neighbors Cafe Dubai – a homegrown Al Safa gem. Join The Huntr as we spotlight our recent experience…

The Neighbors Cafe owner’s obsession and love for coffee led to him on an exploration of the world’s best coffee shops and roasters all over the globe. Eager to bring his knowledge to Dubai, he conceptualised a cafe that would act as a neighbourhood hangout, serving great coffee and elevated gourmet toast dishes.

Industrial-chic Neighbors Cafe features a combination of dark cement walls and floors with hanging greenery, potted plants, and succulents. An eye-catching bar area displays tempting pastries, desserts and bakes, plus the speciality coffee and expert baristas. At the back of the space, there are two open windows where you can catch the bakers in action and there’s a bread corner so you can purchase a loaf of Neighbors’ homemade bread to take home.

The breakfast menus is available all day and alongside the gourmet toasts, features muesli, chia pudding, an acai bowl, two French toasts, Turkish pide, a bagel concoction and a big breaky dish. The extra Lunch menu is served from 11 am and includes soup, salads and main courses like southern chicken and a ‘flat burger’. There are three sweet toasts for desserts and a sticky dates pudding.

The toast creations are certainly gourmet. All of the eggs used in the Neighbors kitchen are organic and the bread is homemade. Benny Brisket (59AED) features an exotic combination of Polish bread, Filipino BBQ brisket, compressed apple, poached eggs, yuzu hollandaise and crispy wonton. The Mushrooms (49AED) is crafted with king oyster button enoki mushrooms, truffle bechamel pesto and walnut snow. The Huntr opted for the classic Avosmash (48AED) – ricotta, smashed avo, pickled chilli, coriander and omega bread with the addition of two poached eggs (14AED). The flavours were spot on, the creamy ricotta and avocado were perfectly offset by the punchy pickled chilli and coriander. The dish might have worked better on white sourdough to add even more depth to the flavours, and the bread wasn’t quite toasted enough for our preference, however, it was a delightful breakfast dish and left us feeling suitably sated.

The coffee is consistent and up there with the best in the city.

There’s free WiFi, making it the perfect spot to get some work done, however, there are no in-house bathroom facilities and customers have to make use of the public W.Cs.

Insider tip: Ask for your toast to be well done if you share The Huntr’s preference. Take a loaf of the white sourdough home. It’s wonderful.


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