Organic Oasis Dubai: An organic farm that’s EU + USDA certified

Who said that nothing grows in the desert? Silly people, that’s who. Just ask the UAE’s Founding Father Sheikh Zayed. But aside from the region’s impressive skyscrapers, growing economy and touristic endeavours, another movement is growing in the Arabian desert – organic produce farms.

Here’s a particularly nice one, it’s called Organic Oasis Dubai. This Dubai organic farm offers home delivery and they come with the EU and USDA stamp of approval.

Organic Oasis also provide Huntr favourite S’wich with their organic produce, and squeeze their farm fresh fruits and veggies into The Raw Place‘s cold pressed juices.

Insider tips: Try the Organic Oasis beetroot brownies and keep a look out for this Dubai organic farm’s open days via the official Instagram @OrganicOasisAE


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