Parker’s Dubai Mall: A secret gem that requires a key for entry

Parker’s Dubai Mall doesn’t have a website. It doesn’t even have a telephone number. And you can’t just waltz in and find a seat… You need a key. Literally. Intrigued? Read on…

We’ve made a few noises about Parker’s Dubai before. We were amongst the lucky few to test out the menu in a secret spot in Al Quoz in October 2015 (read about that here), and then we were first in line at the Al Kazan Park pop-up. And naturally, we gave you the first look insider Parker’s Dubai Mall restaurant back in April 2016, ahead of its opening.

So it feels kind of emotional to be here with the official Parker’s Dubai Mall review. He’s all grown up – and we are so proud.

As you can tell from The Huntr’s previous articles, Mr. Parker hasn’t had an official home before. So we were incredibly intrigued to step into his new permanent residence at the illustrious Dubai Mall. But first things first – the key. You need a key to get a seat at Parker’s. And to get a key you simply follow Mr. Parker on Snapchat and Instagram and find out where the keys are hidden each day. It’s cute and gimmicky and we love it. No key – no food…

Walking into Parker’s Dubai Mall is like stepping into your favourite interiors Pinterest board. Think giant, oversized paper rolls fixed to the walls with quotes and stories, greenery and leaves peppering every corner. Clean, white tiles and staff kitted out in white t-shirts and denim dungarees. You definitely do not feel like you are sat in a mall restaurant. It’s very modern and very cool.

The menu is concise and tempting, featuring pops (things on sticks), salads, tacos, burgers, sliders, fries, desserts and drinks. We recommend ordering the roasted sweet potato with crispy kale salad, the chicken pretzel sticks (to die for), and the lotus drama is a must-order dessert. Wow. The burgers and sliders are great (although worth noting the sliders are small and there is only one piece per order) and the street fries were incredibly moreish. We’ve also visited Mr Parker for breakfast and can confirm that he didn’t disappoint us.

In short: This place is cheat day heaven and well worth your time (and your key-hunting abilities).

Insider tip: Despite the secret key policy, Parker’s Dubai Mall is packed at almost every sitting. Order the lotus drama. 


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