Meet Raju, he makes a mean omlette in Karama

If Raju Omlet were an animal, it would definitely be the honey badger. Omlet is spelt with an extra ‘te’ at the end? Raju don’t care! The Internet says you should be open now because it’s 9am on a Friday? Raju don’t care! It’s Raju’s world and we just live in it. But this does nothing to discourage the hoards of people who regularly queue outside this secret bolt-hole, which is something of a Dubai breakfast institution to those in the know.

Raju Omlet is a small hole-in-the-wall cafe hidden in Karama, that serves – you guessed it, omlettes.  But these are no ordinary omlettes my friend, these are “laid yesterday, cooked today” eggs, or so the quote on the wall suggests. Raju offers some punchy Indian-inspired takes on the staple breakfast food, and The Huntr suggests ordering the ‘Masala Cheese’ variation. The quirky little eatery also serves a selection of drinks, including the region’s much-loved Karak, a.k.a. Masala tea.

The ‘Crush Bhurji’ (Mumbai style eggs) are also noteworthy – but not for the faint hearted and be sure to order some water with that Karak to offset the spice. The power omlette with extra cheese is also one of our favourites and a brand new Raju Omlet restaurant has recently opened on Sheikh Zayed Road (Al Quoz) too – read The Huntr’s review and see all of the pictures here.

Insider tip: Go the weekend before payday, breakfast for two will cost no more than 50 Dirhams. Opening hours are also a little haphazard, call and check that Raju is actually up and cracking to avoid disappointment.

Ps. There’s also a third Raju at JLT now. The Huntr will visit ASAP and report back.



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