Secret Gem: The regag bread stand at Al Labeeb Grocery store

Regag bread is actually more of a crepe or a cracker than a bread, this Emirati delicacy is crafted using unleavened dough and water – which is spread out thin onto a super hot griddle and cooked until crispy. It can then be topped with all manner of concoctions, before being folded and handed to the lucky person who gets to wolf it down. And one of the best spots to find this tasty nostalgic treat is at the regag bread stand at Al Labeeb Grocery store in Jumeirah. Join The Huntr as we present a closer look…

Located along the bustling Jumeirah Road in Jumeirah 3, this regag bread gem is much-loved by those in the know (it’s been there since the 80s!). For a reasonable price (5-6AED) you can choose from such fillings as: Chips Oman, cheese, egg, Nutella and the classic way to have regag – with oil and fish sauce (made from anchovies). Your regag is cooked live in front of you and then flung (quite literally) on to a no-frills paper plate.

Insider tip: Pick up some Laban from the grocery store inside and enjoy your regag like a local – washing it down with a salted yoghurt drink


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