Secrets Fine Food Dubai: The online gourmet grocery store you need to know about

Supermarkets aren’t exactly high on a true foodies’ love-list no matter where they may live in the world. Junk food, processed food and factory-farmed meats galore, not to mention pesticide filled “fresh” produce, line the aisles in these soulless spaces. In Dubai they are particularly lack-lustre. Okay sure, we live in the middle of the desert, but hands up who’s fed up with mouldy vegetables and fruits and a lack of choice for sustainable, organic and gourmet produce?

Enter Secrets Fine Food Dubai. Your new best friend. The Huntr stumbled across this concept whilst searching for fresh, edible flowers for a recipe idea and we were instantly excited. A world of gourmet treats, all presented in a beautiful, easy-to-use online shopping website. We reached out to the smart founder, fellow foodie Stephanie Duriez and a beautiful collaboration was born (see our Secrets Fine Food experience and 2-course recipe to slay your next dinner party here).

Now we’re back to share this post so that you can all stumble across the hidden secret Dubai foodie gem that is Secrets Fine Food… #yourewelcome.

Secrets Fine Food Dubai founder Stephanie Duriez has spent years in search of the world’s best ingredients and used her passion for food to launch, a unique, digital grocery store that stocks some of the world’s best produce, which can be delivered to your door in Dubai or Abu Dhabi 24 hours after an order has been placed. The foodie delights that await you at Secrets Fine Food Dubai are always limited quantity, the work of artisans and created in remote areas, away from the pollution associated with modern farming, for the best possible pedigree, quality and taste.

So how does it work? Simply log on to and peruse the many gorgeous gourmet food products on offer, fill your basket and place your order. Enshallah everything you want is available on the market, someone from Secrets Fine Food Dubai will give you a call, you schedule delivery and a lovely team member delivers your order in super-cool white boxes the very next day or whenever you need your goods. You can even pay with an ATM card on your doorstep. Now that’s service.

The reasonably priced (22 AED) and award-winning burrata is one of the best we’ve ever tried and our guests went crazy for the balsamic vinegar “caviar” we sprinkled on top of it. Take a closer look at The Huntr’s experience cooking with Secrets Fine Foods here.


Insider tip: Owing to the nature of the produce, not everything that you see on the website might be available for the exact date you want it. It’s always best to pick up the phone and speak to someone there who can assist you with any alternatives or place advance orders for you if you’re planning a special meal or event.


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